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Automation Services

We offer the following IT services for small and large businesses:

Database links, Web services, T-SQL scripting

Infolutions created database links for various customers to make data from one application available in another system (for example between a card management system and an access control application). In this area we specialize in MS SQL Server. A link can be realized in different ways. Examples include web-services, dts-packages, T-SQL scripting, API.


.NET software development
Infolutions develops custom solutions in .NET.
You can think of webservices, Silverlight solutions, WPF, controlling hardware and more in Visual Studio 2005, 2008 or 2010 in the C# language or VB.NET.
Manuals/Help files
We can also write manuals and help files for Windows applications (in collaboration with the developers of the software). Recently we translated the English cardPresso user interface into Dutch.
MSOffice automation

You probably work satisfactorily with MSOffice. However since your business is unique, you may still have some administrative work that could be better aligned with your specific requirements. We can tailor make the  MSOffice packages allowing you to further automate daily administrative tasks and make them therefore easier to handle. This is possible by using macros, templates, VBA and Visual Studio 2010.